Jim Allen Memorial Scholarship
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Jim Allen started his surveying career in 1965 working for Bucher Willis Engineers in Salina, Kansas.  At this time, you didn’t need to be licensed to do survey work.  Jim learned from older, more experienced surveyors on the job.  Jim went on to be licensed in Illinois, Kansas, North Dakota and Wisconsin and worked in surveying all his life.

As a Land Surveyor and Certified Engineering Technician for transportation engineering projects including airport, street, highway, bridge, railroad, pipeline, telecommunications and electrical distribution systems. As a Surveyor, Jim was involved in the preliminary design surveys, aerial photography control, right-of-way acquisition surveys, preparation of taking plats, construction staking and as-built surveys. As a Senior Certified Engineering Technician.

When Jim could no longer work in the field, he took on the role of researcher and educator.  Jim worked from a desk doing research and helping younger surveyors in the field. 

While doing research, Jim traveled with his wife Arlene across the state of Illinois looking for monument records for a project he was working on.  After driving back and forth across the state, only to find out that there were no corner ties he needed, he became extremely frustrated, a whole day wasted.  After griping for several hours in the car to his wife, she said, “Well shut up and do something about it”.  And Jim started HubTack.

In his role as founder and chief surveyor for HubTack, Jim has always been available to surveyors to answer questions and apply his knowledge to their projects.  Always taking the time to answer their questions and to educate them in the process.

This scholarship is dedicated to Jim Allen in order to continue his love for surveying and teaching the next generation.


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