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OSLS Statewide Geocaching Project

Geocaching is a hi-tech version of treasure hunting that requires the use of handheld Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers. The basic idea is to have individuals and organizations establish and maintain cache locations and publish the coordinate location of the caches on a website such as A cache is a water-proof container that typically contains a log book, pencil and small pencil sharpener as well as a supply of trinkets and trade items. The treasurer hunter will visit and select caches they would like to find. When they find the cache, they sign the log book and may trade comparable items. Some people are in it just for the thrill of the hunt and may write "TNLN" in the logbook, a common notation for "Took nothing, left nothing". You can learn more about Geocaching at

Geocachers use GPS to find and set things that are not obvious to the eye. Land surveyors also use GPS (among lots of other cool and expensive toys) to find and set things that are not obvious to the eye. Geocachers try to get the best GPS accuracy possible; surveyors use GPS equipment with accuracy that boggles the mind. Geocachers may look for bench marks, whereas surveyors often set bench marks. The two activities have many similarities.

Through the Geocaching Project, The Oklahoma Society of Land Surveyors (OSLS) has established several geocaches across the state of Oklahoma. Each geocache under this project promotes three topics. The first is, of course, the geocache itself, thereby promoting the sport of geocaching, the website and environmental responsibility. The second topic is the site where the geocache is placed; typically sites that relate in some way to land surveying and tell the world about it. The third topic is the promotion of surveying as a viable career choice, which is the main purpose of the OSLS Geocaching Project. A good geocache should promote all three topics. This project is an attempt to introduce geocachers to surveying and surveyors to geocaching


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