Initial Point Retracement
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Following are notes taken by Leroy E. Higginbotham, PLS during the retracement of the Initial Point on June 22, 2002

Retracement survey east one half mile from the I.P. (14 x 14 inch x 5 foot sandstone) marked 1870 on north face, I.M. on east face and I.P. on the west face.  The stone is l foot south of a 3 inch steel pipe fence corner post and brace assembly for a barbed wire fence bearing north and east.  U. S. Triangulation Station Indian is approximately l5 feet S. 30 degrees W. 



Field party chaining to the east consisted of party chief D.W. Converse, note keeper Leroy E. Higginbotham, head chainman Gary Rhoads, rear chainman Damon Barrick, chain supporter Harry McClintick, plumb bob man Billy Jack Willingham, cameraman Lee Schroeder, Machete Man Dwayne Bennett, Observers Don Bailey and Aaron Morris with water boy John Cruse.



At 1100 hours, Saturday 22 June 2002 party began chaining on a bearing of Due East along the south side of the barbed wire fence descending a steep slope and at 5 chains, 46 links cross drain and begin ascending steep slope to 10 chains, 50 links to top of slope and begin descending moderate slope to 15 chains, 8 links where a 2 inch pipe standing 10 feet above ground was located.  Continue descent to 17 chains, 25 links cross drain and begin ascending a moderate slope to 25 chains, 50 links to top of slope and begin descending gentle slope to 35 chains, 25 links to level ground. Continue chaining to 37 chains, 25 links to a barbed wire fence to the south.  (This is probably the closing 1/4 corner location).  From this point on continue chaining through heavy brush to 39 chains, 80 links to a barbed wire fence to the north and locate a O.D.O.T. Brass Cap stamped G 25 134, 1/4 Cor., 3l 1 N, 6 1 S. set flush with the ground surface in concrete 1 foot south of the fence corner.  There is a white painted “T” post 15 feet west on the north side of the east/west fence.  The land is 3rd rate, covered with loose stone and heavily covered with brush where line has not been cleared for fencing.

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