OSLS By-Laws and Constitution
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Recognizing that the true merit of a professional is determined by the value of its services to the society; the "OKLAHOMA SOCIETY OF LAND SURVEYORS" does hereby dedicate itself to the promotion and protection of the profession of Land Surveying as a social and economic influence vital to the welfare of its society, community, and State.

Name and Location

SECTION 1. The name of this organization shall be "OKLAHOMA SOCIETY OF LAND SURVEYORS".

SECTION 2. The headquarters of this society shall be the office of the Secretary.


SECTION 1.. The objectives of this Society shall be:

(1) To promote the common good and welfare of its members and their activities in the profession of Land Surveying.

(2) To foster high standards of professional ethics and practice.

(3) To discourage unethical and illegal practices and professional abuses in Land Surveying.

(4) To promote public knowledge, faith, and reliance in the Registered Land Surveyors and their work.

(5) To advance the study of Land Surveying and the education of the Land Surveyors, their employees, and the future Land Surveyors.

(6) To aid and encourage the interest of the younger members, Students, and employees of the Registered Land Surveyors.

(7) To establish better relations between the Land Surveyors and the other professions interested in Land Surveying.

(8) To foster and support legislation generally beneficial to the professions and to the State of Oklahoma and to the General Public.

(9) To promote closer relations, understanding, and co-operation within the profession of Land Surveying.

(10) This Society in all its activities and in its membership shall be non-political, non-partisan, non-sectarian.


Membership in the Society shall be as follows:

Section 1. MEMBER- Any person is eligible for membership in this Society who is a Registered Land Surveyor in good standing in any State.

Section 2. Full voting privileges and eligibility to hold an office in this society shall be limited to a Member in good standing.

Section 3. ASSOCIATE MEMBER- Any person is eligible for the grade of Associate Member in the society who is interested in and actively pursuing the goal of becoming a Registered Land Surveyor in the State.

Section 4. AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP- An individual or business firm with an interest in the profession of Land Surveying in the State of Oklahoma and who by their interest in Land Surveying profession are desirous of supporting the purposes and objectives of the Society.

Section 5. STUDENT MEMBER- Any undergraduate student of a school recognized by the Board who is interested in the Land Surveying profession. Student members shall be eligible to vote and hold office in Student chapters only.

Section 6. SUSTAINING MEMBERSHIP- Any individual or Business firm interested in the welfare and interest of Land Surveying profession in the State of Oklahoma may become a Sustaining member of the Society.


For the purpose of representation, elections, and other purposes as set forth in this Constitution and the By-Laws, the State shall be divided into Six districts. Each of these districts shall be composes of such a group of contiguous counties as will secure, in so far as is practicable, equality of representation of the Registered Land Surveyors in the various districts. These districts shall be as follows:

DISTRICT NO. 1. Counties of Alfalfa, Beaver, Cimarron, Ellis Garfield, Grant, Harper, Kay, Kingfisher, Logan, Major, Noble, Payne, Pawnee, Texas, Woods, and Woodward.

DISTRICT NO. 2. Counties of Beckman, Blaine, Caddo, Comanche, Cotton, Custer, Dewey, Grady, Greer, Harmon, Jackson, Jefferson, Kiowa, Roger Mills, Stephens, Tillman, and Washita.

DISTRICT NO. 3. Counties of Craig, Creek, Delaware, Mayes, Nowata, Osage, Ottawa, Rogers, Tulsa, and Washington.

DISTRICT NO. 4. Counties of Adair, Cherokee, McIntosh, Muskogee, Okfuskee, Okmulgee, Sequoyah, Wagoner, Haskell, Latimer, LeFlore, and Pittsburg.

DISTRICT NO. 5. Counties of Atoka, Bryan, Carter, Choctaw, Johnston, Coal, Garvin, Hughes, Love, Marshall, McCurtain, Murray, Pontotoc, Pushmataha and Seminole.

DISTRICT NO 6. Counties of Canadian, Cleveland, Lincoln, McClain, Oklahoma and Pottawatomie.

DISTRICT NO. 7. All out of state members.

Officers and Directors

SECTION 1. The Officers of the Society shall consist of a President, President-Elect, Vice-President, Secretary, and a Treasurer. The Secretary and the Treasurer shall be appointed by the President and shall be approved by the Board of Directors. All the officers listed above including the Secretary and the Treasurer shall have full voting rights and shall be included to constitute a quorum.

SECTION 2. The Board of Directors shall consist of the following: (A) President, (B) President-Elect , (C) Vice-President, (D) Secretary, (E) Treasurer, (F) Immediate Past-President, (G) Six Directors-one representing each district within the State of Oklahoma.

SECTION 3. All members of the Board of Directors shall be elected (except the Secretary and Treasurer) as set forth in Article III, Section 1 of the By-Laws.

SECTION 4. The terms of office of the Officers elected shall be for one year. The term of office for the Directors shall be for three years. The Directors of each district be so elected that the term of office of two shall expire each year. The terms of all elective officers and members of the Board of Directors shall begin at the close of the annual Convention. All elected officers and directors shall not be eligible for election for more than two consecutive terms of office.

SECTION 5. Vacancies shall be filled as follows:

(A) President- By the President-elect
(B) President-elect- At the next annual election.
(C) President and President-elect - a Board Appointment of President only.
(D) Vice-president-a Board appointment.
(E) Board Member- a Board appointment from the membership of district.

SECTION 6. The Board shall have the power to declare any office vacant for reasons of resignation, disability, neglect of performance, or any other reason deemed necessary by the Board in the best interest of the Society.

SECTION 7. The Board shall have the power to appoint an Executive Director to handle the affairs of the Society on a full time or on a part time basis, with or without compensation as they may determine from time to time. The duties of Secretary, Treasurer, and Newsletter Editor may be totally or partially combined in the position of the Executive Director.


SECTION 1. The administration of the Society's business and fiscal affairs shall be vested in the Board of Directors who shall have complete authority to act for the Society; being restricted in its action only by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Society.

SECTION 2. The Board shall hold at least four meetings annually at such times and places as it may designate, for the transaction of Society business. Special Board meetings may be called at any time by the President or a majority of the Board.

SECTION 3. Seven members of the Board shall continue a quorum for the transaction of business, and they shall be governed by a simple majority vote, unless otherwise stipulated in the Constitution or By-Laws.


SECTION 1. The Society shall hold one regular meeting each year which shall be known as the "ANNUAL CONVENTION". It shall be held at such time and place as may be prescribed by the Board.

SECTION 2.. The Board may call and hold such additional meetings of the Society as it may deem wise and expedient.

SECTION 3. The President may call special meetings of the Society at the written request of Twenty voting members, which request shall state the purpose of such meeting. The call for such meeting shall be issued ten days in advance, and shall state the purpose thereof, and no other business shall taken up at such meeting. At these meetings twenty voting members in good standing shall constitute a quorum.

Local Chapters

SECTION 1. To aid and assist in carrying out the objectives and purposes of the Society, the Society will authorize and sponsor the formation of Local Chapters of the Society in any City, County, or District in the State of Oklahoma.

SECTION 2. A minimum of five members of the Society shall be required to form a local chapter. Whenever such a group shall petition in writing, and such petition be approved by the Board of Directors, these members may form, subject to the Constitution and By-Laws of the society, a Local Chapter to carry out more effectively the aims of the Society.

SECTION 3. The principal purpose of the Local Chapters shall be the holding of regular meetings, at such times and places as may be determined by them, where the members may become better acquainted with one another, to discuss and work out their local problems, for the presentation of speakers and papers on subjects relating to Land Surveying and to promote the objectives of the Society.

SECTION 4. The officers of each Local Chapter shall consist of a Chairman, a Secretary, and such other officers as may be determined and their duties shall be those usually associated with such offices. Local Chapters shall adopt By-Laws to be known as Chapter By-Laws, as they may deem advisable, provided that no provision thereof shall be incompatible with the Constitution or By-Laws of the Society. They shall submit a copy of these By-Laws and any revisions or amendments thereto, to the Board of Directors for approval.


SECTION 1. The Administration and the actions of the Society shall be subject to the By-Laws adopted by the Society.

SECTION 2. The By-Laws shall provide the manner of Admission to and expulsion from the Society, the manner of nomination and elections of officers, the detailed duties of officers and standing committees, the amounts of Fees and Dues, and the other features pertinent to the proper operation of the Society.



SECTION 1. By-Laws-Petitions for proposed amendments to the By-Laws must be in writing, signed by not less than five members of the Society and presented to the Secretary at least 45 days prior to the date of the next annual Convention. The Secretary shall send copies of all proposed amendments to all members possible of the Society at least 30 days prior to said Annual Convention. Such proposed amendments shall not be amended in any manner when discussed at the Convention and shall require for their adoption an affirmative vote of two-thirds of all members present and voting. Amendments so adopted will take effect thirty days after their adoption.

SECTION 2.Constitution-Petitions for proposed amendments to the Constitution must be in writing, signed by at least ten members of the Society and presented to the Secretary at least 45 days prior to the Annual Convention. Such proposed Amendments shall be in order for discussion at said Convention, and may be amended in any manner pertinent to the original proposals by a majority vote at the Convention. These proposed amendments in their original form or if amended in their amended form, than shall be approved or disapproved, by a simple majority vote of those member present and voting. If approved, the Secretary, within thirty days after such approval, shall submit the proposed amendments to all members possible of the Society by letter. The vote on the amendments shall be by mail in sealed ballots. Ballots received by the Secretary within fifteen days of the day they were mailed to the members will be delivered to the Board of Directors at the next Board Meeting where they will be tabulated and counted. If two-thirds of the votes are in the affirmative, the amendment shall be adopted. Amendments so adopted will take effect thirty days after their adoption.
SECTION 3. If, after discussion of a proposed amendment at the Annual Convention of the Society, the membership shall so decide by a majority vote, it may refer the proposed amendment to a special Committee appointed by the President for further consideration, which committee shall report at the next Annual Convention, whereupon the proposed amendment shall be voted on as herein before provided.
SECTION 4. Amendments to the Constitution or By-Laws shall be furnished to all members of the society within 30 days after their adoption.
Annual Dues
SECTION l. Dues - The amount of the annual dues for all types of membership shall be determined by the Board of Directors and shall be approved by two-thirds majority of members present and voting at the annual Convention.

BY-LAWS of the Oklahoma Society of Land Surveyors

SECTION l. The Board of Directors shall determine the program and nature of business of all meetings, unless otherwise provided in the Constitution or By-Laws. The President shall appoint a special committee for the purpose of preparing the program for the Annual Contention.
SECTION 2. The President shall call special meetings of the Society when authorized to do so as provided in Article VI I, Section 3 of the Constitution and By-Laws.
Order and Procedure of Business of Society Meetings
SECTION l. The latest edition of Roberts Rule of Order shall be accepted by the Society as final authority on all questions of parliamentary law.
SECTION 2. The order of business for the Annual Convention shall be as follows: (A) Reading of the minutes of the previous meetings. (B) Presidents address, which shall include the Annual report of the activities of the Board of Directors and such recommendations, as he may desire to make to the Society, (C) Report of the Secretary. (D) Report of the Treasurer. (E) Report of the regular committees. (F) Report of the Special Committees. (G) Announcement of the election of the new officers and member of the Board of Directors. (H) Unfinished business. (1) New business. (J) Technical papers and discussions. (K) Installation of Officers for the ensuing year. (L) Adjournment.
SECTION 3. The proceeding order of business of the Annual Convention may be temporarily adjourned at any time for social activities or other functions and nothing shall prevent the Convention, for reasons of policy, from postponing any unfinished or new business until the technical papers have been read and discussed.
Election of Officers and Directors
SECTION l. The nominating Committee prescribed in Article V, Section 3, of the By-Laws, shall prepare and submit to the Secretary, at least sixty days prior to the date of the Annual Convention, a list of the proposed Officers and Directors to be voted on in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws. The list of proposed officers shall contain as candidate unopposed for President, the name of the currently serving President-Elect. This list shall contain two candidates for each Officer and Director, whose term is to expire at the close of the Convention. The candidates for
the offices of President-Elect and Vice-President shall be from the State at large; but for Director from each of the Districts, the committee shall nominate two members for each district and the district shall elect its own Director. The committee shall secure a statement from each 6f the proposed candidates that they will serve if elected, before they shall be placed in nomination. Only members who are in good standing and whose dues are currently paid are eligible for nomination.
SECTION 2. The Nominating Committee shall endeavor to nominate for officers, only members who have served on committees or on the Board of Directors. It shall also give due consideration to the geographical distribution of the candidates so that in so far as in practicable, various sections of the State will be represented by nominees.
SECTION 3. Within ninety days prior to the Annual Convention any ten members of the Society may submit in writing to the Secretary nominees for Officers and Directors. If they are eligible and their nominations are accompanied with a statement from them that they are willing to be a candidate, their name shall be placed on the ballots with any candidates selected by the nominating committee.
SECTION 4. Thirty days prior to the Annual Convention, the Secretary shall prepare and send to each member eligible to vote a ballot containing the names of all nominees legally authorized, with instructions that secret sealed ballots must be returned to the Secretary at least five days prior to the date of the first day of the Annual Convention. Each ballot shall be collected by the Secretary and given to the nominating committee unopened on the first day of the Annual Convention to be tabulated and the result shall be announced at the regular business meeting during the Convention. The candidate receiving the most votes shall be elected. In the event of a tie vote for any office, the members at the Annual Convention shall proceed among the candidates so tied, a majority of the votes cast being required to elect. The Secretary shall preserve the ballots for one year.
Duties and Powers of Officers
SECTION l. The President shall be the presiding officer of the Society and of the Board of Directors. He shall select the Chairman of all standing committees, the Secretary, and the Treasurer, which shall be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, and may appoint special committees. He shall be an ex officio member of all committees. He shall sign all membership certificates, represent the Society upon official occasions and deliver to the Society an address at its Annual Convention.
SECTION 2. The President-Elect shall assume the duties of the President in case of a vacancy in his office.
SECTION 3. The Vice-President shall preside at the meeting of the Society or of the Board of Directors in the absence of the President.
SECTION 4. The Secretary shall be appointed by the President and be approved by the Board of Directors. He shall be expected to attend all meetings of the Society and of the Board of Directors and duly record the proceedings thereof. He shall conduct the correspondence of the Society and keep a full record of the same.
SECTION 5. The Treasurer shall be appointed by the President and be approved by the Board of Directors. He shall be expected to attend all meetings of the Society. He shall receive all monies, dues, and fees and deposit them in the name of the Society. He shall invest all funds not needed for current disbursements as shall be ordered by the Board of Directors. He shall carefully examine all bills and use his best endeavor to secure economy in the administration of the Society. He shall be authorized to pay the bills due as provided by the Constitution and By-Laws. All money drawn from the treasury must be on orders approved by the President and Board of Directors and must be signed by the President and Treasurer.
SECTION 6. The Board of Directors shall have the final responsibility of the affairs of the Society in conformity to its Constitution and By-Laws. It shall approve all standing Committees and may appoint Special Committees. Directly, or through it committees it shall direct the investment and care of the funds of the Society; make disbursements and special appropriations for specific purposes; act upon applications for membership and upon expulsions as provided in these By-Laws; take measurers to advance the interest of the Society; have charge and manage all properties of the Society; direct the publications of the Society; and fill all vacancies in unexpired terms of Officers and Directors. It shall make an annual report at the Annual Convention. It shall hold four regular meetings annually, one of which shall be held upon or one day prior to the first day of the Annual Convention.
SECTION 7. No Officer or member of the Board of Directors may receive compensation for his services. Compensation for travel for officers and Directors may be allowed when approved by the Board of Directors. The Secretary and/or the Treasurer may be paid a nominal salary and such salary and compensation for travel for the secretary and Treasurer may be allowed when approved by the Board of Directors.
SECTION l. The President shall appoint the chairman and members of all standing Committees. The President may appoint Special Committees for specific purposes not included within the duties of Standing Committees as provided for in Article IV, Section 1 .
SECTION 2. All Standing Committees shall be composed of not less than three members.
SECTION 3. The Standing Committees of the Society and their duties shall be as follows:
(1) The Executive Committee shall be composed of the President, the President-Elect, the Vice-President, the immediate Past-President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and one member of the Board of Directors appointed by them. This committee shall have immediate supervision of the arrangements necessary for the Annual Convention and may appoint a Convention Chairman as deemed necessary. They shall supervise all matters pertaining to publicity. The President may appoint other Special Committees as are deemed necessary to assist the Executive Committee in the performance of its duties.
(2) The membership committee shall be directly responsible for the activities of the Society concerning membership and the promotion of membership within the society.

(3) The Nominating Committee shall prepare the list of candidates for office in the Society and canvass all ballots as prescribed in Article III of these By-Laws.

(4) The Finance Committee shall have a supervision of the financial affairs of the Society. It shall audit the accounts of the Society annually or more frequently, if necessary. It shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors as to the amount of the members annual dues, as to investment of monies and as to their other financial matters.

(5) The Ethics Committee shall prepare a Code of Ethics and a Standards of Practice for publication in a manual of Practice and be the advisory committee concerning all matters of Ethics, Practice, and or Mal-Practice of any of its members.

(6) The Education Committee shall investigate and make recommendations as to methods of improving Land Surveyors Education and training both within and without the Society. It shall keep the members informed as to improved ideas and methods of Land Surveying by articles and publications in the Society's Quarterly Newsletter.

(7) The Publications Committee shall prepare a Quarterly Newsletter informing the membership of the activities of the Board, Committees, Chapter Activities and special articles of interest to the membership. It shall publish and distribute all technical papers presented at the annual Convention. It shall publish an annual roster of the Society membership. It shall publish and maintain an up to date Manual of Practice as prepared by the Manual of Practice Committee. It shall select and edit all material for all of the Society and make recommendations to the Board of Directors and take such actions as the Board may direct.

(8) The Legislative Committee shall thoroughly familiarize itself with all existing and proposed legislation affecting Land Surveyors. It shall carefully study such legislation and recommend to the Board of Directors as to actions on the part the Society that this committee deems available. It shall act as Liaison with other professional Society's in Legislative matters.

(9) The Manual of Practice Committee shall prepare a manual to include a Code of Ethics, a Standards of Practice, Existing Legislation, a brief History of State Land Surveys, a Standards of Practice of recording plats and property corner data and any other data as determined to be a value to such a manual. This committee shall have the authority to appoint such sub-committees as necessary to carry out these objectives.

SECTION 4. All standing committees and such special committees as may be appointed by the President shall render a report of their actions and recommendations at the annual convention as provided in Article II of these By-Laws. A copy of this report shall be submitted to the Board of Directors through the Secretary at least five days prior to the annual convention.

SECTION 5. Special committees for stated specific purposes may be appointed by the Society, by the President, or by the Board of Directors. Their duties shall concern only that part for which they were appointed and they shall report only to the person or to the group which appointed them.

SECTION 6. The term of office of all committees shall expire with the close of the annual convention following their appointment, unless specifically extended by a vote of the convention or the Board of Directors.

SECTION 7. No committee or individual member, including the officers and directors, of the Society is authorized to make any commitments concerning legislation on behalf of the Society or concerning future actions of the Society or to make expenditures on behalf of the Society or to make contracts or agreements involving payments by the society without specific prior authorization by the Board of Directors.

Applications, Admissions and Expulsions

SECTION 1. An application for admission shall be in a form and in such detail as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors. It shall be signed by the applicant and shall be accompanied by the dues for the current year. Members over 65 years of age and retired from Surveying shall be exempt from paying dues after they have been members in good standing for more than two years prior to retirement. The applicant shall furnish the names of at least two members of the Society to whom he is personally known. Each of these may be requested by the Secretary to address a letter to the Board of Directors stating the extent of their personal knowledge of the applicant and of his own professional work as a Surveyor. If these two members do not reply the Secretary may require additional names to be submitted by the applicant. Not until all written communications shall have received shall the application be considered by the Board.

SECTION 2. A member of the Society may be expelled from the Society by a two-thirds vote of the entire vote of entire Board of Directors, for willful disregard of the Society's principals and purposes, or for conduct detrimental to the Society's welfare or for a conviction of crime. Such members shall have the right of a hearing before the Board of Directors before final actions is taken on his case. The expulsion of any member and the reason therefore shall be re-instated only when upon a two-thirds majority vote of the entire Board of Directors, and the Board, before such re-instatement, shall satisfy itself that the cause for the original complaint has been corrected.

Annual Dues

SECTION 1. For the purpose of payment of dues to the Society, the fiscal year shall begin in January 1st and end of December 31st,and all dues not paid by April 1st shall be considered delinquent. Persons admitted to membership after July 1st shall be charged only for one-half of the annual dues for that year.

SECTION 2. A member whose dues are delinquent shall not be entitled to receive publications or notices of the Society, except notice of the annual convention and members delinquent one full year in payment of dues shall be dropped from the membership. Any former member, otherwise in good standing except for non-payment of dues, may be re-instated by making payment of dues for the year in which he did become delinquent and for the current year.

SECTION 3. The proper annual dues shall accompany the application for admission. If the applicant is refused admission into the Society, his money shall be refunded.

Treasurers Bond and Deposits

SECTION 1. The Treasurer shall be bonded by a Surety Company that is authorized to do business in the state of Oklahoma in the amount of $1000.00. The premium on such Bond shall be borne by the Society.

SECTION 2. The funds of the Society shall be deposited by the Treasurer in a bank or trust company in the State of Oklahoma whose deposits are insured under the provision of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act.

Certificates of Membership and Emblems

SECTION 1. The Board of Directors shall adopt and supply to each member of the Society a certificate of membership upon admission to the Society. Any replacement of this certificate shall be at the expense of the member.

SECTION 2. The Board of Directors shall design, adopt, and supply to the members, at a reasonable price, the following:

(1) Lapel Emblem

(2) Equipment Emblem, a decal or similar Emblem which may be applied to transportation equipment used by the members.

(3) Letterhead Cut Emblem, for use on Stationary and invoices of the members.

(4) All members shall be encouraged to use the above Emblems so that public knowledge of the Society and its aims may be promoted.

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