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Recording of Surveys 2 M. Herman I came from a recording state (Washington). My opinion is Yes to Recording. There would have to be a reasonable fee, and review process. The benefit to us would be to see other surveyors work in a given area. We might agree more often, if we see they're logic.
by M. Riedel
Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Trespass Statute 6 B. Cornelius I recently, actually we are still in the process, of doing a boundary survey, ran the entire section, found quite a few supporting monuments, some in sub divisions, to support placement of our boundary monuments. When we crossed over a fence a couple of feet a lady came out and threatened to shoot our surveyors and of course they left without setting that corner. I contacted the Wagoner County Sherriff office to get them to go to the site with me and a survey crew to set that corner and the deputy informed me that they would NOT go without a court order. So my question is, what good is ANY legislation without informing law enforcement agencies that they must do their job as well?Eddy Seaton
by E. Seaton
Wednesday, December 3, 2014

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