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Trusted online PDH course providers 1 D. Putman One option would be any of the online courses at OSU-OKC. The entire survey curriculum is available online now
by B. Cornelius
Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Mock Trial 2 B. Cornelius Seminar has been canceled due to lack of registrations
by B. Cornelius
Thursday, July 16, 2015
2014 Summer Seminar Series 1 B. Cornelius Burk,In our class on bona fide rights at the Conference the room seemed about evenly split on center of section location. About half said if they were surveying in a section (say the NW4) that they would make no attempt to locate the center of section or see if the center of section was in someway monumented/occupied. Instead the simply took the 1/4 corners and calculated the center of section location. I understand this is how you are supposed to establish/re-establish center of section when there is nothing there. However, as retracing surveyors following in the footsteps of prior surveyors, not seeing what has been established and relying only on a mathematical calculation seems to not be in the best interests of the public. Is this something worth clarifying or following up on?Thanks, John
by J. Libby
Wednesday, May 21, 2014

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