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CALL OKIE Problems
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6/25/2014 at 9:59:39 PM GMT
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CALL OKIE Problems
Is anyone having trouble getting utilities marked for a Design Survey after a locate request has been submitted to CALL OKIE?

We are trying to assess if any of our members are having issues?

Burk Cornelius, PLS
Executive Director
Oklahoma Society of Land Surveyors

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6/26/2014 at 2:02:37 AM GMT
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I have had trouble getting utilities marked and USIC has marked portions of a job I am currently working on but did not finish. I contacted the locator and he said there were too many other higher priority locates where excavating was involved so my ticket was eventually taken off his "board" and now a new ticket will have to be called in again. This was after waiting for 3 weeks. I understand being low priority but the locate should be completed with just one request. It would be helpful to my company if the call okie process is improved for surveyors.

6/26/2014 at 2:05:43 AM GMT
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Public Utilities are a constant frustration. However, USIC is becoming increasingly difficult as well. Most of the locators seem to have the mentality that because we're not digging, it isn't worth their time.

Kudos to all the guys and gals marking the private oil and natural gas lines. Their reliability and diligence is much appreciated. I wish the other utility companies would take note and manage their assets the way they do.

Marcus Heilman, PLS, GISP

6/26/2014 at 2:06:12 AM GMT
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It seems there's always been trouble getting a locate for "design" purposes.

If I make the call myself I always prevaricate and tell them there will be subsurface activity, bore holes. It's a far stretch to call digging up a pin a bore hole, but it works.

One of my clients is one of the larger utility companies in Central Oklahoma. They actually make the initial contact and provide me with the locate number....we still have trouble getting them out there within their stated time limit. I believe the locate personnel pay more attention to active sites where there is or will be excavation, as opposed to design sites.

While aggravating I'm thinking they are probably doing the best they can. I would rather them pay attention to the active excavation jobs than to have someone hit a HP gas line while they're out marking a phone line for my topo.

It has always been tough to get utilities marked and probably will continue to be a problem.

6/26/2014 at 1:14:05 PM GMT
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For the last year or more we have been getting no response on our request, Okie will issue a second
request and it also is ignored, Our firm works mostly in the east half of the State and this problem is the same throughout.
At times a partial locate is done and never completed, in the processing of the project data we may not
know that any other lines exist and feel we have completed the job, later to be told that are surveys show only a portion of the utilities, this has cost a recent client at a local VA hospital down time and money to redesign a part of a project.. I am Glad you are working on this problem.

6/26/2014 at 3:25:40 PM GMT
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We have definitely experienced a decline in service over the last year or so. They do locate more than half of the time I would say. On bigger jobs where they did flag, it was strung out over a couple of weeks and only seemed to be completed because we kept calling and bugging the guy doing the locate. We have called in as many as three times on a site with no response. They don't seem to locate anything that is not in the road right of way very often. We just did one this week that they did mark in the right of way, but not around the AT&T lease one the property, which I find it hard to believe that there are no utility lines to or from that building.

I understand from the people doing the actual locates that there have been cut backs and they are feeling a bit overwhelmed with what they are being given as a work load. Also, they are required to address actual digs before design surveys, so our request could be pushed back indefinitely if digs keep jumping to the front of the line.

It does get a little frustrating, because our design clients get annoyed for not showing those utilities, like we have a magic wand that says where all public and private utilities are located. Luckily, it does seem that the oil pipeline people are pretty diligent at marking their lines regardless.

So, I think everyone on both sides of the are irritated with the situation. I'm not sure if other states are having the same issues. I am not sure how the situation is alleviated unless USIC hires more people and spreads out the work load.

6/26/2014 at 4:37:45 PM GMT
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I've been battling with this for the last two years. It seems that it has only gotten worse. One thing I resorted to is up here in N. OKC I actually contacted the USIC supervisor and talked her into making me a map of all the utilities in the area. My thoughts are that something is better than nothing. Her name is LuAnn Wilcox ( if anyone needs it. She has been pretty helpful. However, I just had a survey up in Tulsa for over 2 miles of urban streets R/W-R/W and had to post 29 different tickets because they require it to be broke up by block and no one showed up or even contacted me. So now I'm scrambling trying to contact the utility companies to get locations. The funny thing is I just bought a house and had a fence built and they were there 2 different times marking. However, they never show up for my jobs.

6/26/2014 at 6:49:11 PM GMT
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I began having problems over a year ago with U S I C. Many utility company who flag there own i have had no issue with. When those guys who locate for gas companies dont flag I get real irritated for public safety concerns and my survey. I think their problem started when they bought out that other service 3 years ago I think. I have passed the return trips cost to the customer and have made sure they receive an email and phone call concerning the absence of locations on the surveys.

6/26/2014 at 8:02:31 PM GMT
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CALL OKIE Problems
Some things never change! I have always had problems with CALL OKIE marking for survey activities.

Everybody needs to check out the IOWA one call site!  They got a great system going on up there!  I recently did a survey in Iowa and needed utilities marked.  Not only do they mark the utilities for you, they give you ALL the contact numbers for the various utility operators in your area so that you can call and request plans! 

9/22/2015 at 2:28:20 PM GMT
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