Recording of Surveys
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9/2/2016 at 3:13:07 AM GMT
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Recording of Surveys

I personally would like to see legislation in Oklahoma for recording Surveys. I have worked is various states that require recording of all surveys. I feel that we should at least consider legislation requiring a survey to be conducted and be recorded for any parcel that is segregated or subdivided from a deeded parcel for the purpose of conveying ownership.

This one item would be beneficial to property owners, abstract / title companies, county assessors, etc. The recorded survey would become a part of the documents in the “Chain of Title” for a parcel. I realize that some of the metropolitan areas have zoning regulations that may address this issue to some degree. The remainder of the state does not have such a mechanism to protect property rights.

I have spoken to Real Estate agents, County Assessors, County Clerks who are very much in favor of such legislation. They are all waiting on the Survey Profession to initiate the process for bringing about legislation.  

Where is our Society at on this issue? What are your thoughts and felling on this?

Mark Herman
RMH Survey

9/2/2016 at 2:12:52 PM GMT
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The State Board of Licensure and the OSLS Board of Directors have formed a Task Force to discuss this an other issues.

Burk Cornelius, PLS
Executive Director
Oklahoma Society of Land Surveyors

11/30/2016 at 7:56:58 PM GMT
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I came from a recording state (Washington). My opinion is Yes to Recording. There would have to be a reasonable fee, and review process. The benefit to us would be to see other surveyors work in a given area. We might agree more often, if we see they're logic.

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