OSLS Geocaching Project needs your help
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4/23/2015 at 7:03:15 PM GMT
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OSLS Geocaching Project needs your help

Several years ago OSLS launched a geocaching project as a promotional and educational tool. The project is an attempt to introduce geocachers to surveying and surveyors to geocaching

Each geocache under this project promotes three topics.


1.      the geocache itself, thereby promoting the sport of geocaching, the Geocaching.com website and environmental responsibility.

2.      the site where the geocache is placed; typically sites that relate in some way to land surveying and tell the world about it.

3.      the promotion of surveying as a viable career choice, which is the main purpose of the OSLS Geocaching Project.


You can read more about geocaching and this project on our website HERE

Some of the caches have either been destroyed or lost and we only have 6 remaining (out of our original 13). We would like your help in rehabilitating the remaining caches so we can get the word out on what surveyors do.


You can go to www.geocaching.com or CLICK HERE to see the list of our caches (owner name is “OSLS - Oklahoma Society of Land Surveyors)


If you live in any of the areas where our active caches are hidden and would like to help us rehabilitate them, please contact me at william.cole@boundaries-ok.com

William Cole

OSLS Geocaching coordinator

Burk Cornelius, PLS
Executive Director
Oklahoma Society of Land Surveyors

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