NSPS 100% Affiliate Program Report
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4/15/2015 at 9:14:59 PM GMT
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NSPS 100% Affiliate Program Report

As you all know, OSLS members voted last year to join the NSPS 100% Affiliate Program. 2015 was the first year that the program went into effect along with the associated dues increase. The Committee that studied the feasibility had concerns about whether we would loose any members because of the program. Most of those questions were answered with an overwhelming majority vote at the 2014 Convention. Any further concerns have now been answered as we reach our annual operating membership level.


In June of 2014 we had 460 members. As of today (4/15/15) we have 461 members. In 2014 our membership continued to grow after that point reaching 491 by years end. We will have at least 2 more membership drives this year and I anticipate adding at least 20-30 more members during that time. Needless to say, the OSLS Board as well as the NSPS Committee are very pleased with these results.


We will submit membership information to NSPS for all “Registered” OSLS resident members as well as Associate, Affiliate and Student members who joined NSPS as an optional add-on to their membership. As of this date, that total number is 313 total NSPS members. OSLS will submit a supplemental list two more times during the year as we add members that are eligible for NSPS membership. (July 31 and September 31). A complete copy of the Memorandum of Understanding can be obtained upon request from  the  OSLS Executive Director.


OSLS has 120 days from the beginning of the renewal term to submit the list to NSPS. Because this is the first year, OSLS members have not yet received anything from NSPS. After this year and all subsequent years you will be receiving the NSPS information much sooner because they will already have your information


I think this will be a very beneficial benefit for OSLS members so look for more information from us and also from NSPS regarding this great Affiliate Program.


One more cool thing about the program is that NSPS has agreed to offer OSLS Student members a membership for $10/year. This will give students a chance to be involved both at the state level as well as nationally.


Because of the new structure of the NSPS membership, the previous Board of Governors will be abolished and replaced with a more standard Board of Directors (BoD).


The new NSPS BoD will be made up of one representative from each of the affiliate states. The representative from Oklahoma as appointed by our Board of Directors is Wade Bennett, PLS of Choteau.


Wade served on the OSLS Board of Directors as President from 2013-2014. Look for reports from Wade on activities of NSPS. If you have any questions or concerns about the Affiliate Program or any other NSPS issues, you can contact Wade at wade@bennettsurveying.com.



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6/1/2015 at 8:03:55 PM GMT
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I was wondering about not having received anything from NSPS.

Approximately when do you expect such information to be forthcoming?




NM.  I scanned too fast.  Previous remark wasn't accurate.


However, I would appreciate either changing time to Central and/or changing to 24 hour clock.

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6/11/2015 at 6:35:30 PM GMT
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I received mine about a week ago. You should have it soon

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